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Questions about your car

My car has a private registration, will you buy it?
Yes, you’ll need to fill out a V317 form to transfer or keep your personal registration number. This form can be downloaded from the DVLA website or picked up at any Post Office. Your filled-in form and the fee should be sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR.

We can still buy your car when all this is going through.

What if I don’t have the V5 registration document or ‘log book’?
We can often purchase your car without the original V5 document (log book) however we will need to see your photo ID and sometimes other evidence such as old MOT certificates.

You can get a new V5 document by filling in form V62 which you can download from the DVLA website or pick up from any Post Office. The completed form and fee should be sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR. It normally takes between 3-4 weeks.

My car is a non runner, will you buy it?
Yes, we can buy any car. We will collect your car for free of charge and remove it from wherever it is parked.
My car is an insurance write-off, can you buy it?
Yes, use this website to request a valuation in the normal way and add a note that your car is an insurance write off in the ‘Condition of Car’ box.

Questions about getting your offer?

Why do you need my phone number and email address?
We need to be able to let you know your valuation of your vehicle and will call or email You can let us know your preference in the form. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose or share your contact details, see our Privacy Page
How is my valuation calculated?
Valuations are calculated using the latest market evaluation systems. They are based on market trends and are updated every month. Our valuers have many years experience in buying cars so you’ll get a true and accurate valuation. We price all cars individually so this is why we don’t give you an automated response like some websites. We take the time to get the your best possible price for you within 24 hours.
Why is my value subject to inspection?
Our valuers try to ensure that their valuations are as close as possible to the final price. Additional information you add on the form, tell us on the phone or email will help. The guide price provided does not constitute a contract. The condition and exact specification must be confirmed before we offer to buy your car. We may find your car is actually worth more than we’ve offered, or occasionally it’s worth less.

Questions about your deal?

What do I need to help complete the deal?
The more items from the list, below, that you have then the better our valuation can be of your vehicle.

Vehicle Documents:

  • V5 Registration Document or ‘Log Book’
  • Service History Booklet
  • Handbook
  • Spare Keys, Locking Wheel nut key, Radio & keycodes, Sat Nav Discs etc
  • MOT (if applicable)
  • If there is finance payments outstanding, a letter from your finance company confirming their settlement figure

Personal Identification:

  • Photo Driving Licence or Passport
  • PLUS
    One of either, a Utility Bill, Bank or Credit Card Statement, Council Tax statement (These must be in your current address and match the V5 address)
  • If you are NOT the registered keeper then we will require written authorisation from the registered keeper that you are authorised to sell the vehicle and the registered keepers photo ID

Additional Information Required:

  • Your UK bank details and/or that of the Registered Keeper
What are your terms and conditions?
Our full terms and conditions can be found in the Terms page.

Questions about payment & collection?

How will I be paid?
We will pay you by Faster Payments Service, bank transfer. We will show you a confirmation of payment from Lloyds Online Business Banking.
How long will payment take?
The payment will usually be in your account within 2-3 hours via the Faster Payments Service with Lloyds. There are some banks that do not offer fast banking, when it can take between 3-5 working days for funds to appear in your account.
Can I be paid in cash?
Yes, if your car is not going for recycling or scrap. Some competitors now claim they are prevented from paying cash due to money laundering regulations. However, we recognise that there are still many who prefer not to use banks. Indeed, money laundering rules are making it more difficult to get an account with some banks.
What about my Tax Disk or road tax?
Since the 1st October 2014 your Tax Disk cannot be transferred. Once you sell a vehicle and notify the DVLA of the change of keeper you will automatically receive a refund for any full calendar months left of road tax. The refund will be sent to the current registered keepers address on DVLA records, so make sure these details are up to date.
What if I have finance payments outstanding on my car?
We can settle your outstanding finance on your vehicle as part of the transaction. Due to the “Data Protection” laws you’ll have to obtain your settlement figure in writing for us. If you prefer to settle the finance yourself we’ll need written confirmation of full & final payment from your finance company before we can pay for your car. If you owe more on your finance than the sale price we have offered, you will need to pay us the shortfall by debit card when we purchase your car.
How soon can you collect my car?
Depending on the location of your car, we can often collect on the same day or next day. Mostly we collect within 48 hours but this can be longer to match a time that is also convenient to you.
Can you collect while I’m at work?
As long as someone is there with access your the vehicle then we can collect. It doesn’t have to be the legal owner or registered keeper but the person present at the time of the collection will need their personal photo I.D and a recent Utility bill as well at the vehicle documents, see above. If they have those, we can collect the vehicle.
Do you give me a set time for collection?
Yes we will arrange a suitable collection time with you. We can either give you an AM or PM slot or we can work to ‘hour windows’ , such as between 1pm-3pm. We can also give you good notice of our arrival time if you need to travel to where your car is located.

Questions about recycling or scrapping your car?

Do I need to fill-in any documents when scrapping my car?
If you have the V5 log book, you will need to sign Section 9. When we have collected the vehicle, you will need to send Section 9 to the DVLA.
Do I have to inform the DVLA?
Our recovery driver will complete and leave Section 9 of the V5 (log book) with you which you will need to sign and send off to the DVLA. You will receive a conformation letter from the DVLA within 4 weeks to confirm they have updated their records and you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.
Do you inform the DVLA?
Your vehicle will be taken to an ‘Authorised Treatment Facility’ (ATF). Your car will then be de-registered directly with the DVLA and a Certificate of Destruction, C.O.D, issued, if you have requested one. Otherwise, section 9 of the V5C will be completed by us on collection and returned for you to send off to DVLA.
Why do I need Photo I.D to Scrap My Car?
Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, we need to make a copy of your Photo I.D and a recent Utility Bill (no more than 3 months old). We understand that this can be inconvenient and this was never needed before, but it is the law.
Why do I need a Utility Bill to Scrap My Car?
The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, see above.